Dream Catcher Tattoo

The meaning of dream catcher tattoo

A symbol dated several centuries ago, the dream catcher and its spirituality are still on the agenda! Young people passionate about tattooing replicate it to make an extraordinary body jewel. Apparently, it is very aesthetic, but instead of getting carried away by its appeal, it is better to ask about its origins and history. The dream catcher is an amulet that has long served as a good-luck charm among the Amerindians. In practice, these people hang it on the window sill or above the bunk of their offspring. They liken it to a nightmare trap. At first glance, this mystical object with a net captures bad dreams and keeps the most beautiful ones in its feathers.

The legends to better appreciate the tattoo catches dream feather

Coming from the Huron culture, for humans, the dream catcher serves as a means to communicate with the Great Spirit. Dreams that they consider to be the expression of the soul and its needs can be controlled through it. This amulet takes the form of a spider's web stuck in a ring. This is not far-fetched, firstly because a reaper represents the "great master" since the time when a shaman discovered it. This wise man taught it the cycle of life, including the secrets of life. He commanded him to make a wooden ring inside which he must intertwine fiber mesh. This is the way for him to catch the ideas of this prodigy. Then, another legend tells that an Amerindian hunter saw the essence of the dreamcatcher through his misadventure in the woods. This man, who entered a huge cave out of curiosity in the hope of spying on a prey, was attacked by a ferocious beast. So soon he fled, but since that dreadful encounter, he never stopped thinking about that monstrous animal! It haunted him even in his dreams. It ended until the day he caught himself waking up in the forest. He could see above his eyes a spider weaving its web. He would come back there every night so that he could benefit from the animal's protection from the arachnids.

dream Catcher meaning tattoo

As a reminder, the dream catcher is a handmade piece in which threads are intertwined. In this sense, it symbolizes the circle where we weave our essence throughout the life cycle. The tattooed dreamcatcher then speaks of our ideas, our knowledge, our dreams, and even our bad experiences. It evokes the hope that one day our self-destructive feelings will disappear. By tattooing this symbolism, we reveal our acceptance of the basic principle assimilated by all cultures, and not that of the Huron in particular. It is about the duality between good and evil that no one could refute. You are aware that in the course of your existence and even in the future, you will not be safe from the elements that pull you down without protecting yourself. Your amulet reminds you of your own existence while keeping you away from bad energies.

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Choose from our wide range of catches to dream tattoo drawing that might look like you. If you want to be mysterious, the Sakarivous Owl Dream Catcher Tattoo would be just the thing! The rapacious animal on this body jewel symbolizes the importance of knowledge and learning. It conceals your belonging to a particular ethnic group. On the other hand, if you are like a wolf, always loyal to your pack, brave and loyal turn to our Nashoba Wolf Dream Catcher Tattoo. It connotes the love you feel for your siblings. The Odina Feather Dreamcatcher Tattoo with its size adorns your back. It enhances your complexion with its blend of vivid colors. On its ring hang different elements: owl feathers, eagle feathers, ribbons, shells... These indicate the plurality of things that are dear to your heart. The choice is made, all you have to do is define the dream catcher or put it on? Some models are suitable for the ankle, others for the arm, but if their size is not very imposing, you can apply your favorite body jewelry to the area that suits you! Finally, as we now know that a dream catcher captures beautiful thoughts and keeps them in your mind, nothing prevents you from wanting to attract positive waves towards you through the Indian tattoo dream catcher. By capturing your nightmares, your body jewel will improve your well-being and even your health! But remember: magic only works if you believe in it.